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The dog has 100% freedom from the leash, and you have a gentle emergency brake in your hand.
(if the dog finds a bigger treat in the wild than yours!)


Norwegian Design

Releashe©™ are the only product in the world that gives the dog owner an safe and painless way to prevent their dog from running away when it`s free from the leash and not listen to your command.

See how it works here!

(Currently only a limited edition for the Norwegian marked)

Releashe©™ has the same purpose as the regular
dog leash, but have some nice advantages:


More gentle stop than
in a regular leash!

Releashe©™ causes less pain and reduces the potential for injury the dog can get over the neck using a regular leash and necklace. This partly also applies when the dog wears a harness instead of necklace. A studie from Sweden shows that as many as 91% of active dogs suffer from neck trauma due to necklace. 

Releashe©™ uses the dog's own way to stop running by gradually lowering the stride length of the hind legs.

Standard leash also stops the hind legs, but do it through the neck!

Sykkelvelt med hund_ill_3_3.png

There are many examples of injuries due to the bond between the dog and the owner. Going with a mountainbike you don`t have any safe option bringing your best friend with you on the very best way to exercise the dog.

(the inventor has a permanent broken shoulder trying so).

Releashe©™ remove all the potential damage, both for dog and owner, caused by the dangerous bond between them. 

Less potential risk than the regular leash


Releashe©™ is a safe way to stop the dog! 

On the marked there are no safe way to stop your dog if it`s running away when it`s free from the leash (and not listen to your command).

The alternative is either very painful with an electric shock collar (which is not allowed), or you have to use a longline which is very exposed in the terrain. There is also little chance that the dog owner will be able to grab the longline if the dog speeds up.

Ideally, the dog should stop through trained commands, but it is unfortunately difficult to train convocation on hares, reindeer, sheep + +

Herman i sprang_2.png

But most important of all..

Every year there are far too many animals that suffer because of dogs free from the leash. Also when a leash is required by law. Normally dogs that owners has "full" control over. Most dog owners have a bad conscience for not trimming their dog enough, that`s why they often take the chance to let it free from the leash.

Every dog owner knows that the dog get`s a lot more execise when it`s free from the leash.

Free dogs use a lot more moves, and by that, training all the small muscles the dog can`t do in a leash.

With Releasshe the dog health increases and trips to the vet decrease.



But Releashe©™ also have some disadvantages...

Since braking takes a few seconds, it must only be used in open, clear environments. Never in unclear areas such as densely built-up areas, near people or other animals!

Why Releashe©™ ?

In short: A free dog is a happy dog!

With Releashe© ™ you give MAX love and health for your dog through more freedom... and more freedom result in more exercise, who result in a happier dog!


Releashe on many dogs.jpg

Tested on many dogs

Tested on more than 100 dogs and on a period over 10 years.

No damage so far!

Knut Stokmo_hund.jpg

A renewed trust

With the safety in your hand, you can give and get renewed trust when you see that your dog behaves when it`s free from the leash. 


A clear signal

Releashe © ™ gives a far clearer signal of what a dog owner wants than any other device on the market.


Pure love for the dogs




Calmer owners & dogs

As a dog owner, you can lower your shoulders a little more when the dog is free from the leash

Free from the leash.jpg

Sometimes it hurts

As a dog owner it hurts when you hear that 7-8 year old dogs has never been able to run and play free from the leash. 

87% dog owners from the test period would recomend the product to others, 13% was a bit unsure without a training school, 0% would not recomend! 


Still not convinced? Talk to someone who has tested Releashe©™ for many years!


Frank Jøran Loktu

  • Facebook Social Ikon

Frank Jøran was one of the very first to get the Releashe for test back in 2015. Have been using it very often up until recently. 

We are so greatful for all the positive publicity you have given us and the Releashe harness all the way!


Geir & Lene Jørgensen

  • Facebook Social Ikon

Geir and Lene have been some of our best and long tasting dog owners, and have given us valuable feedback all the way. Geir has LOTS of experience from dogs and also have a coach education from CANIS. Ellen Eliseussen has also contributed as a "dog sitter" for their lovly Herman, and praises the harness. 


Knut Stokmo

  • Facebook Social Ikon

Long term dog owner and active in the dog community. Thanks for all your positive feedback and effort to help us forward! 

We should maybe clarify that none of these testers work for Dog Activities,

nor do they received any money from us!


Look through some feedback from the testgroup, counting over 90 members. Give us a hint and we can add you to this group. Then you can see honest feedback from different users!

(Background picture: A tired dog after a long day running around free from the leash)

Meet the team


Per Mikal Eriksen

Accounting, strategy, product development, sales + +

Verdiskapern AS


Frode Eldevik

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Entrepreneur / inventor, industrial designer, graphic design, web, sales + +

Eldevik Industridesign AS


Håvard Tømmerås

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Strategist, business developer, product development, sales ++

Finacial Risk Management 



Dog Activities AS, Bergsveien 75,

9475 Borkenes


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