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How to use and not to use: 

First of all: 

We sell the Releashe©™ harness as a training device only to be use in a safe open areas, only when you see the dog. It`s also a safety device to stop the dog running away if it finds bigger rewards "out there" than you can offer. 

This means that it is not intended as a substitute for "traditional" exercise/training.  If you are a new dog owner, take the time and money going through a puppet course!

Under use; always have a close look at the dog 

Always have at least 30 meters clear, open  and safe view around the dog. Keep a close eye to the dog all the time when it`s free from the leash, and always have the remote controller easily accessible. Remember there is people that`s very afraid of dogs, and they have no chance understanding that you have control. It also takes just some seconds before the dog has run a long distance.


Our biggest fear is that dog owners are using the Releashe harness as easy way for not training the dog! 

Always use a "stay" or "stop" command before activation 

To be able to have a proper training it`s important that the dog connects the command with what acctually newly happend. The goal will always be a dog without the need of wearing the RELEASHE©™, although even the most obedient dog can finds goodies "out there" more temptation than your, especially after a long day with training.

Remember to only use Releashe in a open safe enviroment, and only when you see the dog!

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