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How it works

Not the most professional video below, but it shows what`s happend when the owner activate the harness. 

Many of the harness you see in the film and in the illustration below are from a older test serie, and some places filmed in a not safe environment. This is only intended to provoke a situation where the dog does not listen to the command (since the dog in the film normally do).

This is only made for showing  the principle!

Remember: Only use the Releashe©™ harness in a safe and open enviroment, only when you see the dog!


The dog is 100% free to run

(Picture of and old harness!)


Non-active mode

Remote control


To activate or deactivate RELEASHE©™


With the push on a button from the transmitter, the motor at the chest takes in the lines to the dog`s rear legs. The dog gets a gentle reminder to stop running.
It´s still free to move, but not run.

Remember never use the Releashe without a «Stay» command!


Active Mode

Leash is slowly contracting


Fully Activated Mode

The dog's hind legs are prevented from kicking backwards




With just a push on a button the dog is 100% free to run again!


Our mission: 
A free dog is a happy dog - which makes the owner happy.

Some place in the North of Norway

Also shows the principle when activating the Releashe©™, and how free the dogs are when in non-active mode. 

Just a short film that explain the principle (Sorry only in Norwegian)

Some dog owners have told us this product is too good to be true. Can it actually work?
(Sorry only in Norwegian)

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