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Claims about the Releashe

Why can`t you just train dog summoning the right way? 

There is nothing 

How long range has the Releashe©™ harness?

Today the transmitter and reciever has a range of about 500 meters. A lot more than enough, since you should only use Releashe©™ when you see the dog. Our recommendation is never let your dog have a longer range than 100m. Also remember it`s important that the dog always has a minimum 30 meter free and safe range around them. Remember to try out the range without the dog for the first time!

How fast does the dog stop? 

Releashe©™ uses the dog's own way to stop running by gradually lowering the stride length of the hind legs. We have tried to make it as safe and soft as possible for the dog to get stopped, and this means it has to take some second for the dog to stop. The stop lenght depends a bit on your dog, and how close the temtation is. If the temtation is quite close, we experience that some dog are able to jump with their hind legs the last distance. With Releashe©™ they can move a bit on their hind legs, but not run or hunt. Most dog stop within 10-30m after fully activating the Releashe©™ if they have some speed. With low speed most stop within 10-20m.   

Is it waterproof? 

Today we say that the equipment is water recistant, and it`s fine in rainy days. It`s not fully waterproof. If your dog starts to swim with the Releashe©™, put the equipment in a try and warm place when you are back home. We will not guarantee that it will survive in salty water. If you want to protect the transmitter in wet rainy days, you can also put it in a blank plastic bag. 

Doesn`t the lines easily get caught in bushes/Vegetation?

If the harness and lines lenght are correctly adjusted the lines will stay close to the dog and won`t get caught, especially for dogs with some fur/hair. The inventor has tested over 9 years on 2 dogs through hard and dense vegitation and actually never experience that the lines get cought in the vegitation, but that dosn`t mean it will never happend. Tested on over 100 dogs we got feedback from 2 dog owner with little fur/hair that the lines got cought, but luckly no harm to the dog. That`s the reason we say: always use the Releashe©™ harness in a safe and open environment. 

Is releashe©™ approved as a regular dog leash?

No by no means. Always use regular dog leashes in unsafe areas, and where dog leashes are regulated by law. Especially where you are close to other people and animals! If the use of Releashe©™  still continue testing that good, our hope for the future will be that the dog owners, or the local dog club, can agree with their local municipality to let the dog free from the leash in certain areas with the Releashe©™.

Remember to only use Releashe in a open safe enviroment, and only when you see the dog!

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